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In the healthcare industry, you depend on technology to help you compress more productivity into fewer hours. Responsive, intelligent systems and solutions allow you to spend more time with your customers and build more meaningful relationships with them.

Kohl & Frisch is a leading proponent and developer of operational efficiencies. We can significantly increase the productivity of your pharmacy with the most comprehensive automation solutions available.

We’ve aligned ourselves with the best existing supply chain technologies and developed our own proprietary online ordering system. We can also support any store-ordering platform, from the simplest to the most complex, including auto-replenishment, Advance Shipping Notice, and electronic invoicing.

Recognizing that every store’s technological requirements are unique, Kohl & Frisch will customize an ordering solution to complement your systems today and tomorrow. As your store systems evolve, you can rest assured that Kohl & Frisch’s technology will evolve with you.

Kohl & Frisch Online Ordering System

  • Full Product Catalogue with Real-Time Inventory and Pricing Updates Access to pharmaceuticals, controlled substances, OTC, health and beauty aids, and confectionery. Always know if the product you need is in stock.
  • Seamless Third Party Integration Simple, automatic updating of inventory with any POS or Dispensary Ordering Systems.
  • Simple, Intuitive Interface Designed for ease of use to create speed and efficiency so pharmacists can focus on their patients.
  • Online Returns & Recalls Ease of returns for products that are expired, shipped short-dated, ordered-in-error and recalled. Customer Service will follow up to verify all processed returns.
  • Secure Password Protected System and Controlled Substance Ordering Each staff member has customizable access to K&F online services. Integrated controlled substance ordering through electronic sign off with password security for each staff member who’s given access.
  • Effective Business Management Tools We help you run your business with itemized purchase history reporting, merchant service sales reporting, vendor sales reporting, account balance and account statements.

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